Dumaguete and Puerto Galera

Maximilian "Max" Baudisch


Maximilian Baudisch

Diver Father Partner Friend Grandfather Guide Joker


Max 17 Maj 1957

Maximilian “Max” Baudisch – Born in Austria Wien Öschtriich  17 Maj 1957


Living in the Philippines two decades Puerto Galera and Dumaguete on Negros Oriental Max had a lot to tell about the neighborhood, the diving places what to do and the no-no.


Max Dumaguete

Passed on the light - wave in the curl


 El Oriente

23 January 2012 Max - surfed into a tunnel - out of here 


Tunnel in Dumaguete

Max jokes and laughter still curl in among us




Curl in wave goes on



Max Streaming


May the force be with you all


Dumaguete Private Garden

Diving straight into many visitor’s heart and private garden with a lot of humor and broad personality - Max has left us with a great garden of unique and special memories - Max now rest in peace - or just being pioneer in another space - I don’t know -





El Oriente Beach resort Beach

Gradient young new ones play like children

Sometimes so out of formalism and order that a order starts in

El Oriented beach starts to sing

orient express like



light & heavy but butt as light in heavy


Surfing tunnel friendly fair 




 I just found out that Max has passed away and this was a real surprise. Some persons have that little eternal in the aura. That rock in mountain & founding a valley

To me Max was just Max and a great Max, this site is just to have this memory and bow in to a great nice man. If anyone for any reasons don’t like the material used or thus site in general, please let me now at once. This is just my way of bowing to a great man’s love of life and living. Have been searching for Max and not found out that he had left has several reasons and this site would make it easier to make the net mirror the man max in Dumaguete, the man, the myth and the more and older Max family man & institution i never learned to know. To me Max is the pioneer and this is it.


 Later on now i have found out that "Max in Dumagete" had a large family and beeing more and more settled into the etablishment as an honory member in rotary and so on. Searching the Net for "Max Dumaguete" was just giving me strange restaurant and dogs in return so - this is however just a greeting to the Max i know & the Flowing Go.



 Thanks Max for nice times and momements